A friend

Sometimes life deals us some tough blows which can cause us considerable pain. Often we feel we’ve got to face the music alone, as we feel no one would be really interested in our problems, because most people seem to have problems of their own.

We all need at least one good friend. Someone we trust.

Someone who will listen, while we unload our worries off our chest.

Someone who won’t blab our innermost secrets around the neighbourhood or tell the world on Facebook.

Someone who probably can’t solve our problems, but who cares enough to share our concerns.

If we’ve got that type of friend, we are fortunate indeed. If we don’t, then it’s time we did something about developing the type of relationship that will allow us to have a real friend. Because, I think most will agree it is very difficult to go it alone in this life.

It’s been said, ‘To have a friend, we first need to be a friend’. So there’s a starting point for us to work on.

Peter Mack.


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