Watching artists paint pictures is always an interesting pastime for me.  I muse at their ability and compare it mentally to my own efforts with the paint brush.

Their mountains seem real, their people alive, whereas my attempt at a similar subject would produce wavy green hills, stick people and a sun with a face and a spikey haircut.

While artisans endeavour to recreate what they see and feel for a subject, we shouldn’t be discouraged because we don’t appear to be talented in similar ways.

If we attempt to perform our best at whatever we do, we too can obtain the same inner feelings of satisfaction the artist has, following the completion of a successful project.

Our individual personalities allow us to project who we are onto the canvas of our lives.

Let’s ensure the images we present to others are of ourselves and not someone else we’re trying to imitate.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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