It always concerns me to see young people riding push bikes across intersections against the red lights. It is even more concerning, seeing them riding without lights after dark or without helmets.

I can’t help but feel these kids are deliberately rebelling against authority. They know they are breaking the law, but they don’t seem to care.

I wonder, as parents, whether we are providing adequate guidance for our youngsters. Maybe, like many parents, we have lapsed into accepting that, because some kids break the traffic laws and ride their bikes at night without proper lighting, therefore it must be OK.

When parents get complacent about issues such as these, then kids will feel they can get away with breaking the law. This only encourages them to reject authority within other areas of their lives.

As parents, we need to look closely at our own actions and attitudes towards authority. From their youngest days, our kids will be influenced by the way we do things. If we show we don’t care or we think it’s smart to break the law, so will our kids.

Maybe we should think more about how our actions effect our kids attitudes, particularly the way in which we show respect for authority.

Peter Mack.

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