The young boy awoke early. The first rays of early morning light were just penetrating his bedroom. He arose, already excited, for today was his 10th Birthday.

He made his way to his Mum and Dad’s bedroom hoping, even willing them to be awake. They heard him coming. It’s difficult for any excited 10 year old to walk through a house without knocking or banging something.

His parents waited in silence for him to come into the room. They then turned on the light and wished him a happy birthday. The boy looked beyond his Mum and Dad to the gleaming new push bike beside the bed. His eyes were wide open with excitement as he exclaimed – “What a beauty”!

For many of us, beauty is still often restricted to what we can see and experience in life. Yet to find the real beauty in a person, we must look beyond the outer skin they present the world, to what lies within.

Maybe we could occasionally have a look at our own inner selves and question to what degree our own understanding of beauty goes deeper than what we see in a shiny new bike.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life

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