There is an event in many of our lives that has brought tears to even the most hardened male eye.  That has caused the tough manly frame to collapse in a faint and has heard the strongest non-believer cry, miracle!

A child is being born somewhere in the world every minute of our day, but until we experience the birth of a baby, it’s sometimes difficult to even start to fully comprehend the mystery of creation.

Mothers are given the honour and privilege of nurturing the unborn child within the safety of their own bodies.  During this time they need the care and support of their partners, particularly around the time of the birth.

Being close to your loved one is important during these special times and sharing together the miracle of birth can be an experience never forgotten.

Fellas! we need to be around at these times.  Our role may well be minor, but our presence can often be a great support at the birthing stage.

Let’s see it as our responsibility to be a part of what we helped create. There’ll be lots of time later for the cigars and the celebrations.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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