Blank Faces

P1080280So often we travel around, that deeply intent on our own thoughts and actions we are completely oblivious of others we meet, sit beside or pass in the street.

A train carriage full of people, all unknown to each other, provides a sea of blank faces and an air of neutrality.

Are we really intruding into others privacy if we smile at someone and say, hello!

There are so many important things happening in the world around us today, yet we are often only interested in our own concerns. We walk around with a glum face, dark thoughts and an obvious lack of interest for anyone else.

A little child will close it’s eyes when it wants to hide from mum and dad. An ostrich will bury it’s head in the ground to escape danger. We just disappear into the self pity of our own inner world.

Perhaps we could learn to smile a bit more than we do. You never know, someone might even smile back.

Peter Mack.

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