RIMG0006How fortunate we are to be able to choose so many locations, within only short distances of our homes, where we can, ‘get away from it all’.

We have national parks, bush camping locations, the sea, mountains, rivers and water storage areas. We truly do live in the lucky country, but do we really make use of all this natural beauty, by taking the opportunity to enjoy it as family?

Do we get so tied up in our day to day activities that, although we might yearn for the chance to enjoy a touch of freedom, our commitments quite often seem to prohibit us from even simple pleasures?

Do we allow our children to spend countless hours in front of TV or playing games at a computer screen? Meanwhile the weather outside is perfect, the air is fresh and a little exercise would help in alleviating the overweight problems that are besetting many of our young people today.

Occasionally we should give ourselves and our families a break and go walkabout together to revel in the beauty that surrounds us. A little forward planning is all that’s needed.

Would it be so difficult to try and escape from the comfortable surroundings at home and experience the fun of exploring and the sharing of adventures?

Being family together is important.

Peter Mack.

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