Capturing the Morning

165An early morning walk with my constant camera companion always allows me to experience an inner peace. I believe it brings me as close to my maker and the creator of all things as I can expect to achieve in this life.

Whether it be the mountains, the sea or just a bush track, there is a peace that surrounds you as the sun heralds the start of a new day and the birds welcome it with their own individual calls.

There is so much beauty to be seen in the early morning. Inland, you can often experience the mist rising from the mountain valleys as the sun penetrates and melts it to reveal the awakening of the bush.

The sun rising from the sea allows my footprints to be clearly visible in the sand that has been washed clean by the overnight tidal movements. The small puffy clouds lining the horizon change hues from purple through pink to gold and the fishing boat heading out to sea is silhouetted by the strength of the sun’s brightness.

Even on dull or rainy days there is still beauty to be seen in the solitary tree on the hill starkly outlined against the stormy sky or the raindrops sitting on a rose petal.

Morning brings new life to my day. To me, every day is an entirely new creation which I find, while capturing the changing images through my camera lens, provides me with a deep spiritual experience.

Why not give it a try yourself sometime!

Peter Mack.

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