Christmas Message

It seems for many of us Christmas is nothing more than a major buying spree. We are exhorted to shop early, buy at never-to-be-repeated special prices and fill up our family’s stockings with everything from items in the junk mail catalogues to the latest electronic gadgetry.

After the shopping, feasting and drinking are over, then come the holidays. As the Christmas bells are drowned out by the hooters and fireworks of the New Year celebrations, Christmas gets forgotten for another year.

Maybe we could make this year a little different. In many countries throughout the world there is civil unrest. People are dying. Families are being decimated. Governments are being overthrown by rebels and the threat of terrorism is real.

Hopefully, we now realise how vulnerable we can all be, irrespective of where we live. When we least expect it, how quickly the lives of those close to us can be taken away.

So, why not use this Christmas to strengthen our family ties, to tell our kids and our partners we love them and enjoy being together as family.

The love we give one another is far more precious than all the gifts we can buy. And who knows what tomorrow might have in store for us?

Peter Mack.

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