You can always sense when there’s a storm brewing.  The dark clouds are often the first indicator and sometimes you can even smell the approaching rain. When the clouds are tinged in green it is generally an indication that hail is on the way.

It is strange how clouds can often affect our feelings.  The bride on her wedding day hopes for a clear sky.  Farmers anxiously watch the cloud formations around harvest time and imaginative people see objects and even faces clearly in the clouds.

Those who wander around oblivious to others and their needs, are said to have their heads in the clouds.  The young speedster was thought to have disappeared in a cloud of dust, while Dad’s home brew couldn’t be drunk while it was cloudy.

Just as clouds are necessary to bring rain for our survival, so too, it seems necessary that we have cloudy periods in our life.

As the clouds roll away after a storm to allow the sun to warm the drenched earth, so too, our lives will eventually revert to normal after weathering a stormy period.

It seems it’s the clouds in our lives and not the sun, that allow us to grow in wisdom.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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