The row of plastic clown faces constantly surveyed the scene before them as they moved in unison from side to side, their mouths ever open, waiting for a human injection of multi-coloured ping pong balls.

Perhaps the clowns were commenting to themselves at the parade of humans in sideshow alley.  They could see how we can produce sufficient food to feed our whole world family, yet most of the world is hungry, while a minority overfeed themselves.

They could see the mountains of food stockpiled and rotting, because selling it at a cheap price might upset the world trade balance of payments.

Because some people often tend to spend many of their waking hours in the pursuit of money, they don’t give themselves time to enjoy the fruits of their labours.  It seems absurd that 20% of our population controls 80% of the world’s wealth, yet we can’t balance our National budgets.

In trying to keep us alive, our medical researchers are forced to beg for money, while our governments spend our taxes on building up supplies of weapons and equipment capable of killing millions of us.

The sideshow clowns maintain their comment on the way we live.  They keep saying, no!  no!  no more!

While the clowns can be stopped with a switch, it seems our inhumanity towards each other continues to be maintained by our individual desires for greed.

Is it any wonder the clowns always look sad.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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