She was quite happy driving around in her bright pink car that had pink upholstery, pink carpet and even pink hub caps.  She said it gave her a ‘buzz’.

While most people would tend to shy away from a vehicle of this colour, their car choice would probably be seen as dull and uninteresting to our ‘pink pussy cat”.

As individuals, our choice of colours can say a lot for who we are, how we feel, or what we’re trying to say about ourselves.  The outward going person will often choose to wear bright colours, while the quite, inward types, will prefer sombre, less contrasting colours in clothing.

Colours are often used in making statements, describing our attitudes and feelings.  To do this some might even use colourful language. If we are sad, we are said to be blue;  cold, purple;  angry, red;  and if we’re well, we’re in the pink.

The day can be grey and yet we can be green with envy or black with rage.  We read about the yellow peril, the red terrors, white tornados and if we’re into gardening, we are said to have green fingers.

The colours of our world completely surround us, from the rainbow in the heavens above us, to the richness of the earth colours beneath our feet.

Unfortunately there are some in our community whose life is far from colourful.  When we meet them how nice it would be to brighten up their day by sharing with them some of the colours that make up our world.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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