There’s a word that slowly seeps into our lives, like liquid oozing through a wet sponge. It’s a process of gradual acceptance through sheer inaction. – It’s called COMPLACENCY.

Often the, ‘I’m all right Jack’ and, ‘why should I get involved’ syndrome, seems to be our excuse for not coming out and saying how we feel about something happening around us.

We are considered a prude if we object to some of the moral standards being practiced openly today. Yet it is commonly accepted, our morals are degenerating.

Hollywood gives us movies that depict and glorify our inhumanity towards each other. Movies, that portray sex, purely as satisfying personal desires and offer horror, violence, pornography and evil as acceptable life styles.

The movie-makers claim they’re providing comment on today’s world. In reality, they are creating the ideas that we’re coming to accept as normal. The fortunes they are pocketing must surely be tarnished with the sins of the innocents whose minds they pollute.

If we value and respect the principles in which we believe, we should want them for our kids and those coming after us.

It’s time to stand up and be counted. Why should the devil whittle away our sense of right in a sea of complacency?

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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