The colours black and white are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.  They have between them a rainbow of beauty that awaits discovery by those with the courage to explore beyond the barriers of what is dark or light.

Our first occupants lived in this country long before the white man came. They survived because they respected the spirit world, nature and the land around them. In our quest for power and money we often show little respect for these things.

The Aborigines see themselves as a part of nature. We tend to see ourselves as being above nature.  They were dependant on each other and on the nature that surrounded them. We generally look for ways to use and control nature.

None of us have control over creation; instead, it could be said, that we have stewardship over it. A steward is entrusted with management and because we are stewards, it implies we have a relationship, rather than an ownership.

Primitive people knew who they were within the creation because they automatically related to the spirit world of stories and dreaming. Maybe, if we were to consider how life was like here before the white man came, it might enable us to have a deeper understanding of this wonderful country in which we live.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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