It’s so easy today to be flat broke and yet have no difficulty buying anything we want on credit.

No deposit and easy terms, say the enticing advertisements. It’s only when you calculate the actual cost of the repayments, you realise the enormous rate of interest you are being charged.

You can even purchase your major items ’interest free’ for a set period of time. Not only are you paying an inflated price for the object but you will be hit with an enormous interest bill if you fail to finalise the payment within the prescribed time.

It seems you are considered odd if you save up to buy something for cash when you could use your plastic card or take out a loan on the ‘never never’.

Maybe it’s made too easy for us today to really understand what a little hardship is all about. The ease of getting whatever we want, when we want it, is doing little to develop the value of self control.

Unfortunately, this principle seems to apply to everything these days, from our most expensive desires to our sexual urges.

We should be aware we can gain strength of character by not getting – We can be enriched by not having and – We can gain maturity through our ability to say the occasional NO to self.

Peter Mack

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