Each day, our media uncover fresh stories of corruption among the leaders in our society.  Royal Commissions are established; Judicial and Government Investigations are requested and Boards of enquiry hand down their judgements.

While not condoning corruption in any form, I find it’s easy for us to point the finger at the accused when their wrongdoings become very public. But do we ever stop to think what an enquiry might dig up on each one of our own lives?

While we probably wouldn’t be high on the corruption scale, maybe we could be a little more conscious of our own failures before we become too critical of other’s greed and corruption.

Perhaps, this might be a good opportunity to look back on our lives and take steps to repair any ‘damage’ we may have done to others.  We could repay or return items held on, what has now turned out to be, a ‘long term loan basis’ and perhaps even take time out to try and repair rifts in our relationships with family or friends.

If we’re sincere, and prepared to make a go of it, this process can enable us to experience a wonderful inner peace and allow us to face the day with a joy in our hearts that may have been missing for some time.

We’ll let the judges do the judging of those in the public eye, while our look at our own inner selves will perhaps allow us to be a little more tolerant and less judgemental towards others.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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