As a male, I can honestly say us blokes often tend to take so much for granted as we float through this life where often our major concern of the day centres around the weather, sporting fixtures or what we’ll do at the weekend.

However, as we all know, occasions can arise when everyone, both males and females, can be dealt a cruel blow that changes their normal pattern of living and causes them to alter their whole mental approach to life.

This type of situation tends to cause us to hurt deeply within ourselves and grieve for the pleasures and freedoms of what was our normal way of life.  The dark clouds of self rejection can roll in and we can find ourselves hiding within the confines of our own interior thoughts and mental anguish.

While the sun sets each day bringing darkness, night never lasts forever.  Just as in the early morning, the sky announces the coming of a new day, the sun rises to bring light into our life. We need always to have hope and look towards a positive future.

When times get rough, we all need some form of support.  Support that will enable us to gain the courage within ourselves to see each day as a new day and perhaps even a new beginning in our lives.

Let’s ensure while life is good we work hard to maintain our friendship with family and friends, for it is from them we will obtain the support we need when the going gets tough.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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