It doesn’t hurt to stop occasionally and consider ways in which we all accept disability in our own or in others everyday life.

Obviously, there are varying degrees of human disability. Some people require constant care and attention and can perform only minor personal tasks without the assistance of others.  Some disabled people are extremely capable of contributing in so many ways to our society and often have wonderful talents to offer to organisations and future employers.

Many of our impaired brothers and sisters only need a little understanding, mixed with perhaps some special training or minor equipment modifications, to give them the opportunity to become a viable part of the workforce.

Disabled workers, who feel part of a workplace team, usually prove to be reliable and efficient.  There’s dignity in being able to work and in being accepted in society.

No one is perfect – we all suffer disabilities to different degrees. Let’s deliberately look beyond the outer casing of our bodily selves to find the real beauty and ability in each other.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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