EconomyThe daily doom and gloom sheets, and those people supposedly in the know, keep telling us about the possibility of rising interest rates and the Country’s economic problems.

We often hear of small businesses, ‘going up the wall’ and large companies being placed, ‘in the hands of the receivers’.

While the so-called experts keep scratching their heads and searching for solutions, families, pensioners and the little Aussie battlers are the ones getting hurt.

Many of our problems have resulted from greed and over-ambitious individuals seeking power and personal wealth. But, there are also those among us who believe in performing a minimum amount of work for a maximum financial return.

It is time we all realised our responsibility toward each other. This is the ‘Lucky Country’ and only we can ensure it stays that way.

Let’s start by changing our short sighted gloomy attitudes and look with hope to our country’s future.

In the meantime let’s become a nation of optimistic doers, rather than one of pessimistic thinkers and knockers.

Peter Mack.

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