The Call to Cape York 496From time to time you see large scale national distribution women’s magazines advertising stories like, ‘How to keep your man’, ‘101 ways to make your husband happy’ and ‘The male of the species – what makes him tick?’

Unfortunately, you don’t come across similar stories about women in magazines claiming to cater for men.

The world presents to males an unrealistic view of women as sexual objects. In the eyes of the world, love is not seen as giving of oneself, but taking to satisfy ones desires. Romance is depicted as merely foreplay, aimed at achieving a need.

We are indoctrinated with the unreal celluloid situations of TV soapies, movies and magazines, which tend to emphasise the perfect, because the reality doesn’t sell so well. Hence our understanding of what is normal behaviour can become clouded and confused.

Let us forget about the world’s suggested behaviour between males and females and concentrate on supporting and giving to each other in an environment of real love.

Let us choose to be open and honest with each other and hopefully, it will break through a few barriers that might have strained our relationship in the past.

Peter Mack.

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