The local team had lost that day, but they were still in the finals and the coach was determined they wouldn’t make the same mistakes when next they played.

A team meeting was arranged and the reasons for the loss carefully examined. At practice during the week the team found ways of overcoming the weaknesses they had shown in their previous match. They were confident now of their chances in the final, when they would once again meet the team that had beaten them.

Each day we are faced with events that can enable us to learn how to confront similar happenings in the future. Whether we choose to learn from these, or whether we’re happy to just have survived another day, is up to us.

We gain experience and wisdom, not from merely participating in events, but from using those events to enrich our lives and the lives of others we may be able to help as a result of what we’ve learnt.

By the way, the local team won the Grand Final.

Peter Mack

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