Our TV screens and glossy magazines are constantly keeping us aware of what clothing is currently fashionable.

It seems clothing fashion often follows cyclic patterns and industry instigated trends rather than practicality. It is strange how we often experience considerable hardships just to ‘be in fashion’. Long spiky high heels can be safety hazards for the wearers and skin tight jeans can make some movements a difficult operation.

What we wear and how we wear it on the outside can often reflect the inner condition of our heart and mind.

Unfortunately, some of our current fashion concepts indicate a lowering of our society’s moral standards. The wise fashion follower can still dress fashionably without having to resort to wearing clothing that is morally unacceptable.

There is no reason why we can’t keep up with current fashion trends, but let us be careful about what we wear and how we project who we are to the world.

Peter Mack.

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