Each State enjoys its own floral emblem and most large cities have floral festivals or carnivals each year.  Saint Valentines Day is celebrated by sending flowers, often red roses, to that special person in our life.  A bunch of white ‘chrisies’ are the order of the day for Mum on Mothers Day and many a young man going to a ball or school formal has arrived on his girl’s doorstep with a spray or corsage in his hand for her to wear.

Celebrations are usually accompanied by flowers.  Floats decorated for street parades display flowers to attract the onlooker and hospital wards are often full of flowers sent by friends in an effort to assist in the healing process.

Some people prefer dried flowers because of their lasting beauty, while others write songs, poetry and stories where flowers feature prominently. Bowls of flowers are especially popular topics for budding artists.

Unfortunately, men are usually the givers, rather than the receivers, of flowers.  If we are seen in the street with a bunch of flowers purchased for our wife or girlfriend’s birthday,(even though we might be holding them upside down), our mates will still give us some odd looks.

The newsreader on television or the master-of-ceremonies at a formal function can comfortably wear a carnation, or small rose, and get away with it.  Barry Humphries can extol the virtues of the gladioli; but it seems unfortunate that males have to be ‘pushing up daisies’ before they are inundated with floral tributes.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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