We can walk along the seashore in the calm period just before dawn.  We can watch the early morning sun rise majestically through the mists on the horizon. We can see our footprints in the sand, rediscovering a land washed clean of yesterday’s habitation by the overnight tide.

We can lie in bed and listen to the rain on our roof and we can feel the freshness in the air following a summertime storm. We can sense anticipation as blossom buds prepare to burst and herald the coming of Spring.

We can marvel at the miracle of birth or the love of someone special, whose presence alone makes words unnecessary.

We can climb a mountain, survey the world below and watch the setting sun change the tapestry before us into night. We can hear the bubbling and gurgling of a mountain stream, the roar of a waterfall or the symphony of the birds, constantly active among the upper branches of the forest trees.

We can taste the sweetness of water from a spring and smell the delightful aromas coming from a bakery in the early morning.

There is no doubt about it, we do live in ‘the lucky country’ where we have the freedom to cross State borders without passports or choose the type of climate in which we wish to live.

There are not many other countries in our world where the best things in life are as freely available as here, so let’s be thankful we live in Australia and let’s help each other overcome our individual life’s difficulties, so we can all enjoy what we have around us.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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