IMG_3635Being an overly cautious driver can sometimes be considerably frustrating for those drivers forced to follow behind.

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not advocating we shouldn’t be careful when we drive, but I am concerned that some drivers persist in driving very slowly, their eyes fixed firmly on the road ahead, seemingly oblivious to what is happening around them.

When we are forced to travel behind the very cautious driver, or when we are caught up in heavy traffic, we must learn patience and when the right time comes to overtake, there is no point in honking a horn or waving a fist. All that will do will relieve our own frustrations.

Being patient and tolerant with others are virtues that can not be acquired, they have to be learnt. Some people’s journey through life follows a similar pattern to the over cautious driver. By not looking to the right or left, our understanding of the world around us can become distorted and even self centred.

Providing an environment where more lateral thinking is possible can often be threatening to an individual’s security. Helping each other broaden our outlook on life needs to be performed with loving care.

Being gentle with one another will help us grow in maturity and wisdom and it could well keep our blood pressure at an acceptable level, for when next we are caught behind the cautious driver.

Peter Mack.

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