It Must Have Been Love

It must have been love when our Mums went through the pain of childbirth, just so we might be able to live.

To have nappies changed, to be fed, clothed and cared for when we were growing up and to be cared for when we were sick.  That too, must have been love.

For our parents and grandparents to fight and die under the Australian flag so we could be free, must have also been love.

For Mums and Dads to still care for us, even though we deliberately made life tough for them during our adolescence, proved love for them must have been in giving and not receiving.

When your best friend sat with you when the family pet died or was there beside you while the judge passed sentence on your child, you knew how supportive love could be.

Real love needs to be unconditional, where we give without expecting a return.  When we question within ourselves what the definition of love really means, we’ll generally find the answer if we look back on our own lives and at those who have supported us during difficult times. 

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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