At times we have all experienced that inner feeling of relief, which comes after having unburdened the problems of our heart to a friend.

The friend may not have contributed any solutions to our problems, but they listened to us and showed interest in what we had to say as we bared our soul.

For some reason our problems seem less intense and it invariably feels so much better, when we find the opportunity to get our problems off our chest.

Sometimes, when others talk with us, we often tend to concentrate more on what we want to say, than on what is being said to us.

While they are speaking, we may well be hearing them, but not necessarily listening to them.  Often this situation occurs because we are too busy waiting for the opportunity to butt in with what we want to say.

The simple art of being an effective listener is to consciously decide to allow someone else to express their opinions, without contributing our views until we’re asked.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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