It seems the universal language of love is one we Australians often tend to shy away from.

It just doesn’t seem to be ‘the done thing’ to be seen kissing your partner in public where even holding hands can sometimes raise some odd looks.

If kids are required to walk with their parents in public, they think it’s embarrassing to hold hands and even prefer to walk a pace or two behind.  To them and their peers, parents are defined as, ‘the oldies’.

A wise person once said, “Love is a decision, not a feeling”.  When you think about it, feelings can come and go like the weather, but our decision to love one another is a commitment and survives all our feelings, frustrations and anxieties.

The song writer tells us, “Learning to love oneself is the greatest love of all”. Perhaps, if we could come to accept ourselves as we are and not be so concerned about how others see us, we would be proud to be seen to be in love with those we love.

Showing love and respect to one another in public can be infectious.

What say we start an epidemic!

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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