You often hear it said “Too much of a good thing is bad for you” and it seems throughout our whole life we are constantly having to make personal decisions which moderate our actions.

The sweet tooth can’t over indulge without experiencing a weight gain. The alcohol, food and coffee addicts create problems for themselves through over indulgence. Too much sun can be cancer causing and all work and no play is said to make you a dull person.

We need to ensure we start making decisions that balance our living patterns from a very young age. It’s in our youth where we should learn, and practice self control measures which, although restrictive to some degree, won’t prohibit us from enjoying ourselves.

Later on, when facing some of the important decisions in our life, the self control that has become an integral part of our living pattern, will enable us to face our responsibilities with maturity and wisdom.

Our capacity to successfully moderate our desires and actions as an adult, is greatly enhanced by our ability to practice self control.

Peter Mack

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