For most of us, going to work on Monday morning seems harder than any other day of the week.

After enjoying the freedom of the weekend, having to head off to work and face the restrictions this imposes on us, is always difficult.

Perhaps we need to look at Monday mornings in a different light.  The problems of last week may well have resolved themselves over the weekend, or perhaps having the time away from work could allow us to see those problems differently.

Unless we can find ourselves a very wealthy benefactor, we need to keep working to not only maintain our lifestyle but to also make a positive contribution to society.  This means of course, continually fronting up for work on Monday mornings.

By learning to gracefully accept the things in our lives we can’t change, such as Monday mornings, we can dispense with the blues feeling and go to work on Mondays with smiles on our faces.  This will either confuse or infect our workmates.  Well, that’s my theory anyway.

The theory might sound real good, but some Monday mornings can be rough, can’t they?

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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