It’s quite common these days to come across neighbors who don’t talk to each other.  There are usually some very specific reasons as to how the situation came about and sometimes lengthy feuds stretch out over many years and even different generations.

Some accusations concern simple issues such as overhanging trees, barking dogs, noise from parties or family pets that take a fancy to the neighbor’s washing.

While the Good Book says we should love our neighbor, it doesn’t say we have to ‘like’ them.  However, next time we see the neighbors we haven’t spoken to in years, maybe we could just try giving them a little of ourselves in a loving attitude by saying, G’day!

This might cause them to realise we’re not such bad eggs after all.  You never know, we might even get to like each other again.

Good neighbors can give us a feeling of security and in an emergency, may even be the means of saving our lives.

Being at peace with those around us enables us more of an opportunity to be at peace within ourselves.  It always takes a lot of courage to make the first move.

So, come on, let’s be courageous.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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