New Year


The New Year can offer some Australians new opportunities, new adventures and the chance to look forward to improving their lives.

Others, may be affected by unemployment, sickness, drought and the unavailability of decent housing. Some are still recovering from cyclones, floods and bushfires and all of us are continually facing rising costs.  As a consequence, it would be easy to drop our bundles and look at the New Year as a time of further struggle, more pain and less jobs.

But we are Australians and if nothing else, our relatively short history has shown us, and the world, when our backs are against the wall we continue to fight.

As we face a new year, we might consider taking up the challenges of life and re-examine our past experiences, failures and indiscretions. We could see these as opportunities to improve what we have or even explore different avenues that could positively affect ours and our family’s future lives.

So often we start the new year with great ideas for change to our normal life style, and so often our New Year’s resolutions get thrown into the ‘too hard’ basket after a short time.

Maybe we try and resolve to do too much.  While our ideas might have considerable merit, some resolutions can tend to become difficult to maintain on an on-going basis.

If we make New Year’s resolutions that are practical and achievable then this might well be a good start for what hopefully, will be a happy new year.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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