Throughout history, human achievement in conquering the seas, the air and space has been applauded.  But it seems as soon as we design sailing ships, build aeroplanes and land spaceships on the moon, we start to destroy what we have achieved for ourselves.

We pollute the seas with garbage, plastic and untreated sewerage.  We dispense our unwanted chemicals into the air, which brings us sickness, death and a seriously damaged ozone layer.  Our travels in space have given us a legacy of floating junk and unwanted equipment left behind on the Moon, Mars and in the space around us.

We enjoy our national parks and beaches, yet councils spend a fortune cleaning up the rubbish we leave behind us.

As humans, we can be an odd lot, sometimes even living out a life of contradictions.  We can have some very high ideals and simultaneously, possess some extremely low desires.

We often reach out to help others and yet we sometimes violate and exploit them.  At times, it appears as if we deliberately want to spoil the ideal society we dream of creating.

Let’s leave our kids and our grandkids a world they can enjoy, rather than one that has been spoilt by our individual greed and selfishness.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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