Everything had been arranged, right to the last detail.  The energy used in this preparation had nearly exhausted them and they were getting to that stage when their concern and anxiety that all would go well was overshadowing the event itself.

So often, we all fall into the organisational blues, when our nerves are on edge, our bodies tense and usually we end up with a headache, hoping nothing will go wrong that might affect our plans.

In organising an event, we need to be careful to ensure we act responsibly in making all the necessary arrangements, but we must be prepared to be flexible enough to accept alterations to our plans that might occur unexpectedly.

Nothing puts a dampener on a function more than when the organiser, who has performed so creditably, mentally falls apart because of some small mishap or plan change.

While it’s a worthy goal to strive towards perfection, we need to ensure our motives aren’t directed more towards self-gratification than the achieving of a successful outcome.

With all our good intentions, it’s only rarely things go exactly as planned, so we need to discipline ourselves to accept that change might happen. And if, and when it does, we need to have a clear mind so we can work through the changed circumstances to still provide the planned outcome.

Perhaps when our plans are upset, we could learn to smile while we rethink our next move. In this way we will display our maturity and be inwardly content in the knowledge that we have done our best.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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