ParentingAs parents, when we consider the problems we have trying to raise our children, most of us feel we are having a far more difficult time today than parents had with previous generations.

I think parents down through the ages have probably all made the same claim, but the role of being parent doesn’t change and kids are kids anywhere in the world.

The environment in which kids grow up is the variable. This usually dictates parents’ expectations for their children and also has a big bearing on the way parents perform their roles.

Until we become parents, it’s hard to really understand the meaning of love. As a mum or dad, we soon learn of the need to be constantly giving – not just our money, but ourselves, our time, our energy and our patience.

Kids are responsible for most of our grey hairs and many of our sleepless nights. They keep us poor; they frustrate us and make us angry. And they can also melt our hearts so easily with some of their simple, yet loving ways.

If God is as concerned for us, His children, as we are for our own kids, I believe that as long as we keep trying to be effective parents, this should entitle us to an automatic entry ticket into heaven.

Peter Mack.

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