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Time moneySometimes we see our work as a drudge, an evil we have to contend with if we want to make a living.

‘Another day, another dollar’ is a catch-cry often heard among many workers. So perhaps it is a good time to stop and look for a moment at our work life.

The amount of time spent working varies with each of us. Some people have more than one job, others can only find part time employment and there are many who can’t find work at all.

For those who see work purely as a means of making money, or satisfying their desires for power, there can be little room for dignity or pride in what they do. They become slaves to their pay packet.

Even the dullest job can have a measure of excitement if we can visualise our work as an extension of our love for others. The money we make has a special meaning, if we see it as supporting and loving our families and those around us who can only survive on the generosity of others.

So when the going gets tough, or our work becomes boring or frustrating, maybe we could stop for a moment and consider we are not merely making a living, we are making a giving.

Peter Mack.

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