The Call to Cape York 173It gets a bit warm out west in the summer, but night times in winter are an entirely different story. Most of the time it’s dry and a drought can extend into years. Yet when it rains the resultant floods can cause havoc.

As Aussies we live in a land of contrasts. It can be pouring with rain along the coast but dry as a bone west of The Great Divide.

The Fremantle doctor can be a welcome breeze in the afternoon but a cyclone hitting Darwin or Innisfail can wreck enormous havoc.

Our lives tend to lead us through contrasts as well. We can all relate to having periods of great happiness and times of sadness. It seems few things only will remain constant in the whole of our lifetime.

The love husbands and wives have for each other can only survive the contrasts of life providing the commitment to love one another is taken seriously.

There will no doubt be periods when one partner seems to be working much harder at maintaining the relationship than the other. But as Aussies we have a history of being able to persist when everything around us is falling into a hole.

So, throughout the contrasts of our life time relationships let us try to persist in our loving and understanding of each another.

Peter Mack.

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