Our family pets come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. Often our choice of pets define the image we wish to project of ourselves. So often we see pets, especially dogs, being exercised along our roads and pathways. It is obvious from seeing the care taken by the owner that there is a special bond between the pet and the human at the other end of the leash.

Some pets get pampered and regularly receive careful grooming and attention. Their food is specially prepared and they are genuinely spoilt. Irrespective of how well they are looked after, most domestic pets are loyal and love being seen as part of the family.

Some kids have a habit of bringing home stray animals that to them, obviously need a home. These can vary from lizards to snakes and spiders. However, the kids often tire of having to do the looking after bit, and it is usually left for mum to take care of the menagerie.

There was a back yard with a vegie patch over run with weeds I used to see while walking our dog. In amongst the undergrowth, two homemade white crosses at the head of small earth mounds, could clearly be discerned.

I couldn’t help but think of the loving care that would have gone into burying those two family pets, that almost certainly lay at rest beneath the two white crosses.

Anyone who has had a pet animal or bird knows the genuine grief that occurs at the death of their pet.  Sometimes it is an opportunity to discuss life and death with our younger children who, will one day have to face up to the loss of more than their beloved pet.

I believe caring for our pets can often teach us about life and the importance of loving and caring for one another.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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