All kids look forward to their Birthday and to Christmas; I know I used to count down the days.  It was always hard sleeping on Christmas Eve, knowing all the activity that was happening around the chimneys of the world.

I think it is good to look forward to particular events in our life.  It gives us hope and something to take our mind off the problems of today.

The Scouts motto is to ‘Be Prepared’. It’s a motto that, throughout our life, can not only help us pass exams, but enable us to learn self-control and gain in maturity.

In looking forward and preparing for future events during this life of ours, let’s not forget that moment in time when, we are told by some, that we will ‘meet our maker’.

We can try putting it out of our mind, like we would an event we are not going to enjoy. Or we can realise that time never stands still and this is one event that is inevitable.

Just as the kids of the world wait in excited anticipation for Birthdays and Christmas, we should always remember the Scout motto and prepare for the time when all our Christmasses will come at once.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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