BrainThe ability to concentrate and successfully complete one project at a time is generally considered to be admirable.

Yet in our busy world, we are continually pushing ourselves to do a number of things at once. We talk while we’re eating, listen to the radio while studying and read in front of the TV. At work, we may be required to handle customer enquiries while we simultaneously prepare the end of month reports, organise for a sick child to be taken from school to the doctor and counsel staff who are threatening industrial action.

The psychologists tell us our brains can flick from one subject to another very quickly, but can only handle one thought at a time.

In theory, it would be nice to handle one problem at a time, but the reality of our lives require us to learn to cope with numerous things happening concurrently.

It’s no simple task to be married, and to be a parent, and at the same time live and work in an imperfect world. From time to time we all need generous doses of courage and support from each other, just to keep going.

It would be ideal if our individual time management plans could possibly include a ‘Time Out’ period each day when we just stopped for a few moments and rested our busy minds.

Maybe when the cogs were put back into action again, the rest they had been given might allow them to function more efficiently.

Peter Mack

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