Remembrance Day

It doesn’t hurt for us to be reminded at times about history and the events that have helped shape our Nation and our lives.

Remembrance Day gives us the opportunity to stop, even if only for the mandatory minute, and consider the sacrifices made for us by those who have gone before us.

So many people are today seeking the real meaning of love.  Songwriters have deluged us with musical theories.  Poets wax lyrically on the subject and the T.V. soapies and live reality shows display their own, sometimes unrealistic versions of love.

The Good Book tells us there is no greater love than when someone lays down their life for their friends.

On Remembrance Day, when we stop to think about those who gave their lives for us in the wars and confrontations of the past, we should see in their sacrifice the real meaning of love.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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