“My partner doesn’t understand me”, is a statement often heard these days as we see statistics rise on broken partnerships, marriages, separations and divorces.

So, what is it that causes this breakdown in understanding between two people who, if they are married, as part of their wedding ceremony, vowed to love each other ‘until death do us part’?

The favourite answer seems to be, “a lack of communication”.  But I wonder whether the problems may also arise through a lack of respect for each other.

Some couples believe their coupleness is a 50/50 arrangement where everything is shared, even their degree of love for each other.  In theory, this sounds wonderful, but if we place a gauge on what we are prepared to give of ourselves perhaps this might lead to unrealistic expectations of each other.

In loving our partner, we must be prepared to give of ourselves totally to that person.  By respecting each other as well, we are demonstrating our love is completely unselfish and not given in any measure, so that we might receive an equal quantity in return.

I believe a daily dose of respect for our partner could go a long way to healing any communication problems we might have with one another.

I’m Peter mack and that’s life.

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