Rock musicAs a teenager in the mid-50’s, I was part of the ‘Rock Rebellion’.

Australian parents at that time had lived through the depression and the 2nd World War. However, they weren’t prepared for the music revolution that would mesmerise their kids in the era of Rock & Roll.

The Glen Miller and Tommy Dorsey swing years had got our parents dancing in the face of adversity, so it was natural for us kids to want to make a break from the security fences built around us in the early 50’s.

Our Nation was riding on the sheep’s back and our economy was looking healthy. As teenagers we could feel the new freedom around us and ‘Rock & Roll’ gave us an outlet to express this freedom.

Today’s rock music has certainly benefitted from technological advances, but basically, the rock beat has remained the same, with one exception.

The music we know today as ‘Heavy Metal’, in my opinion, should never be classified as ‘Rock’ music.

Heavy Metal sounds are outpourings of noise and in many cases, twisted lyrics. It is enjoyed by today’s adolescents because it allows them to turn off from life’s realities by pounding their brain with wild sound.

Maybe you might disagree with me, but no one to date has been able to convince me that anything positive comes from listening to Heavy Metal music.

Peter Mack.

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