BulldozersA cold shudder went through the tree community living in the area marked with newly painted white survey pegs. The day of the execution had arrived.

The peace of the early morning was shattered by the starting of powerful motors and the grinding of metal wheels against metal tracks.

The birds were the first to evacuate the area, their shrill calls warning the animal colonies on the ground of the impending danger.

The trees, gallant to the end, confronted the shining steel blades of the advancing monsters, but were no match for the power of the mechanical invaders.

Within the hour, the savage attack had ended, then followed the cleaning up process and by nightfall quiet had settled on the funeral heaps.

Twisted roots, still attached to the soil of their growth, were exposed, naked and upturned. Bark hung in torn strips from the bruised and broken wooden flesh, while the birds circled overhead searching for their homes.

I believe we are stewards of nature and if we must destroy nature to allow for human progress, we should be responsible enough to at least replace what we have killed.

If we don’t, the screams of the trees we kill today may well haunt our children of tomorrow.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life..

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