Seeds landing on pathways don’t have much hope of survival and seeds that attempt to grow among established weeds and brambles experience only restricted growth at best.

However, seeds planted in fertile ground have the best chance of growing and flowering.

We have all been planted in different areas on this earth. If we are cared for and we eat and drink, we live and we grow. Whether we flower and bear fruit, depends entirely on each one of us.

If we choose to reach out to assist and support others planted in different locations, it will certainly enable us to mature and then to bloom where we have been planted.

As wild flowers appear in the desert after it receives rain, so we must water with love the dry soil around others who are floundering in the deserts of their lives. As they bloom they open their petals to reveal their hidden beauty to the world and reflect the wonder of their maker’s handwork.

Let’s ensure the seeds we have been entrusted to nurture are given sufficient help to reach their full maturity.

Peter Mack

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