Have you ever laid on the ground on a warm night and looked up at the countless stars in the heavens and wondered where you fit into the overall scheme of things.

Looking skywards, have you ever tried to fully understand what ‘love’ is? 

Someone once told me before I could really love somebody, I firstly needed to love myself.  I wasn’t too sure about what that meant. Perhaps the phrase, ‘loving oneself’ is confusing.  Maybe the understanding and accepting who we are, might be a bit easier to comprehend.

To understand who we are, we first need to appreciate what we are good at doing and what we are not so good at doing.  What we like and what we dislike and what gifts and talents we possess that makes us a truly unique person.

Coming to understand the answers to these questions is just the beginning. Truly accepting the strengths and weaknesses of who we are may well take us a lifetime. We need to understand that no human being is perfect and while we might strive towards perfection, we still must expect to make mistakes.

Let’s look at ourselves in the mirror and know that even with all our imperfections, our lack of ability in some areas and the mistakes of our past, we are still a decent person trying our best to lead a decent life.

This might help us accept and love who we really are.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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