Self serviceIt has been some years now since you could drive your car into a service station and without even leaving your seat receive a full tank of petrol, have your windscreen washed, tyres, oil and battery checked and your change returned to you by a smiling attendant.

Today, at the majority of so-called ‘service’ stations, we are required to perform all these functions ourself. There’s not much in the way of free service at service stations where even the air for your tyres can sometimes require a coin in a slot.

While self-service might well be the modern way to shop, it’s always special when someone helps you in an unexpected way. Some people are rich enough they can afford to pay to ensure they receive personalised service. Others in the not-so-financial bracket have to put up with whatever service, if any, is available.

It doesn’t hurt us to deliberately go out of our way to help someone else, even though we may receive no thanks for our effort.

If we aspire to greatness we should first learn to be servant. Even Jesus washed the feet of his followers.

Peter Mack.

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