The Eleventh Day of the Ninth Month 2001


Twin TowersWithin the shadow of the Statue of Liberty we all watched in horror while two of the world’s largest buildings disintegrated as a result of a terrorist attack.

The resultant enormous loss of life and mounting injury toll left us numb and questioning how any person or group could engineer such a catastrophic scenario.

Here in Australia we tend to feel we are relatively free from terrorist activity. We certainly enjoy being so far removed from warring countries and the major civilisation centres of the western world. The events of the eleventh of September 2001 should make us become more aware of how fortunate we are.

Let us not be complacent but become ever vigilant, lest our country becomes yet another terrorist victim.

Recent events can certainly make us realise how fragile are our lives. Perhaps we can spend more time loving those who love us and enjoying the simple things in life while we still have these small pleasures available to us.

Peter Mack.

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