Throw Away


RubbishWhether we like it or not we live in, and are part of, the disposable society.

It has become cheaper to buy a new one than have the old one repaired. This goes for everything from pens to motor cars; from wrist watches, to large city office blocks.

Fortunately, some of our throwaways can be recycled with egg cartons arising from old newspapers. Aluminium and glass can be melted down and reused and old car tyres can be converted into door mats.

The old adage that God made everything isn’t quite true. God doesn’t make junk, we do. Our Council tips are full of it and it’s value seems to be purely for land fill purposes.

We need to be careful living in our throwaway society that the throwaway concept we readily embrace, doesn’t extend to people.

A lifetime is precious and individuals must never be discarded, irrespective of their age or functional ability.

Peter Mack

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