Old HomeAs people’s lives change and they choose to move from one State or Country to another, they often find themselves daydreaming about what life was like where they used to live in earlier years.

It seems inherent in our natures that we want to return to our beginnings on a nostalgia trip to once more experience the memories of yesteryear.

Our dreams are often shattered when we do get the chance to return, for we find our old house in need of repair, or overgrown with trees and shrubs which were so small when we were younger.

Having made the trip back, we are generally happy to return to our present existence, our mind having confirmed our original decision to move.

Our life is a journey forward. It is, as it is now. Life can never be, as it once was. So while it’s nice occasionally to look back on what has been, we should concentrate our efforts on living today and having hope for tomorrow.

Peter Mack

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